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An image of a plumber working on the toilet plumbing system


Are you dealing with dripping faucets? Is the drain backing up water due to clogging? Does your old house need complete water line replacement? Latta Mechanical is Red Seal certified to provide fast and reliable plumbing services in Kelowna and surrounding areas. Our skilled plumbing force is ready 24/7 for virtually every plumbing eventuality that arises in your home.


With 15 years of experience, we are skilled and equipped to handle minor to messy plumbing troubles and failures. Although you might be tempted to handle seemingly simple plumbing issues by yourself, be mindful that a job done wrong can worsen the problem and increase the repair costs. If there is a major clog or toilet overflow, let our licensed plumbers fix it right the first time for you. Give us a call for 24/7 emergency services. 

Note: we don’t repair or replace water softeners.

An image of a diagnostic tool being used to check a clogged sink


At Latta Mechanical, we focus on the overall functional efficiency of your home’s plumbing. With this goal, we start every job with a thorough inspection to identify the underlying cause of the plumbing issue. By the time we are finished with the job, we are confident to have restored your plumbing to its efficient working order.

Our plumbing capabilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Repair and service

  • Replacement and retrofit

  • Video inspections (sewers and pipes)

  • Backflow testing

  • Pipe leak repair and inspections

  • Drain and sewer cleaning

  • Renovations (kitchen and bathroom)

  • Drain stoppages and clog prevention

  • Sewer/water line replacement

  • Drain cleaning

  • Power flush drains

  • Toilet repairs

  • Low/high water pressure testing

  • Damaged gas pipeline repair

  • Garburators

  • Humidifiers

  • Hot water tanks

  • And more


Solving some plumbing problems can be as easy as using a plunger to unclog a toilet. However, complicated plumbing troubles and emergencies are best left for professionals to deal with. There are some evident signs that indicate expert plumbing inspection and service are needed. When you call Latta Mechanical, we provide a quick response and come up with an efficient solution to deal with the identified plumbing problem. Look out for these common signs that warrant professional plumbing assistance:

  • The water is draining extremely slowly in sinks or toilets.

  • You are experiencing frequent backups despite your cleaning efforts.

  • You see low water pressure in one or several outlets.

  • You notice an unexplained increase in your water bills (probably due to pipe leaks).

  • There’s no hot water.

  • You have a burst pipe.

  • There are pipe leaks in your basement.

  • Mould and mildew are undying problems in your home.

  • You hear odd noises (such as gurgling, bubbling, or whistling) in your plumbing systems.

When you are familiar with the signs, plumbing issues become relatively easy to spot. Timely addressing the signs of plumbing troubles can help you save unnecessary stress and prevent costly plumbing failures. A professional plumber is equipped to resolve even hard-to-notice issues before they become a bigger challenge. 

A plumber fixing a leaky faucet


Whether it’s your pipes or the hot water tank, trust our team to provide efficient repairs and replacements.

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