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An image of a newly constructed house getting a radiant floor heating system


Did you have to take a cold shower today? Perhaps you have suddenly run out of hot water while doing the dishes. When you experience problems with your hydronic heating systems, reach out to Latta Mechanical for complete hydronic heating services in Kelowna and surrounding areas. We work with a wide range of hydronic heating systems, such as steam and hot water boilers, in-floor heating systems, and more.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive hydronic heating system for your home, reach out to us for a one-on-one consultation. We carry products from leading brands and provide premium solutions to meet your unique heating needs. Give us a call.

A view of a plumber setting up a radiant floor heating system


The heat emitted by the sun on a cool day feels comfortable because it heats objects and not the air. Radiant systems work the same way. A radiant heating system is the most efficient option for keeping your indoors warm and comfortable in winter.


A radiant heating system is made up of a pump, a boiler, a manifold, and thermostats that are connected by leak-resistant PEX piping. This piping network is laid out underneath your floors or runs along the baseboards. They are also connected to the radiators located along your property’s outer perimeter. Radiant floor heating systems transfer heat through the floor. This heat then travels to every cold object – especially you.


  • Thermal Comfort: Unlike forced air heating that heats the air, radiant floor heating is about warming objects, including the human body. This gives unparalleled comfort and fuel efficiency.

  • Cleaner Operation: Forced air heating circulates the same air and doesn't bring fresh air into the house. This can increase the concentration of dust, odours, and even germs in the air. There’s no such movement of air with a radiant heating system, allowing you to maintain a clean indoor environment. 

  • Fuel Efficiency: Using a radiant floor heating system as your home heating solution helps reduce energy costs. It uses hot water to channel heat to the objects in your surroundings. This process uses a fraction of the energy demanded by forced air furnaces.

  • Discreet: The network of radiant flooring doesn’t occupy additional space as vents or baseboards. This gives you more flexibility and space in arranging your fixtures and furniture. The system itself is compact and quite small in comparison to forced air furnaces. Radiant heating systems are easily wall mounted, becoming barely noticeable.

  • A Quieter Option: A radiant heating system is designed to deliver heat without creating any noise. The only component that makes detectable noise is the gas burner on the boiler. This component is located away from the system in a mechanical room.

An view a radiant floor heating system


Avoid indoor air pollution by using radiant floor heating systems. Hire our experts for top-tier hydronic heating systems.

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